Cleansing Magick

Spiritual Cleaning

For this phase of the ritual, here are some tools/materials you will need, but if you don’t have these particular available just use what you’ve got:

Salt (for cleansing and protection)
Rosemary (For grounding and protection, preferably dried)
Orange peels or dried orange ( positivity and energy)
Sun water (divine masculine, cleansing)
a spray bottle or bowl
Any crystals that promote happiness and cleansing (Citrine, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, just to name a few)
This is the cleansing part! Cleanse your bottle or bowl, charge it with your breath or in the sun for a bit, then mix all your ingredients together!

If using a bowl, Use your hands to gently flick the mixture on doorways and in the corners of each room. You can even trace sigils onto the walls for extra oomph! Imagine any bad memories in this house washing away with the water, all bad vibes being poured out as if the house is a giant tea pot.

With that, your space is clean…but there’s no positive energy here either. It’s a clean slate, so there’s nothing energetically going on in this house right now. 

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