Astrological Magic

The Way of Art

Although Astrology is a sacred science and as such is a mental undertaking with many rules and procedures, it is also an art requiring the intuition and the way of beauty to reveal its richness.

It is the way of art that guides astrologers, or practitioners using Astrology in their Magick, to know which of many details actually matter and to bring harmony to the flood of data.

This is certainly evident when an astrologer is doing a reading and is also the muse that harnesses the power of Astrology into the design of a spell or ritual.

The imaginative and intuitive part of Astrology’s worldview is best experienced through imagery rather than rational exposition.

The following passage may be read as a mythic story to describe one facet among the many that make up the jewel of Astrology.

You may wish to use it as a guided visualization to more deeply internalize the experience.

Either find a friend or associate to read it to you or make a recording of your own voice.

Read the pathworking slowly and note that where you see “ ” it indicates a pause. Remember that if you have a computer, a smart phone, or even a portable recorder you already have the tools to make a recording of this pathworking that is good enough for this purpose.

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