Black Magick

The workings of Saturn

The workings of Saturn are focused within darkness, and the possibility therein. The self-alchemical process of moving through the sphere of Saturn is relative to darkness in that the initiate moves through the chthonic realms of the Earth (Satanas or Mephistopheles), or the Demonium of the Earth, from which one then rises through the higher octaves of Saturn (Lucifer). Within a Sabbatic sense, the Arcanum of Lucifer is presented in the dual essence of self-liberation, isolation and transformation. Just as Lucifer/Azazel fell from the sphere of light to the darkness of the earth, shall a new knowledge be gained in the exploration of the chthonic realms of the psyche. From tasting and knowing the darkness shall the light be controlled and mastered unto the self.

One of the specific focuses of the Sabbatic Path is one rising to acknowledge that the only God is the self, from which all other God and Goddess find their existence in, it is from the well spring of the abyss (the subconscious) that we nourish our Great Famulus and Demonium of the Depths. The individual will then soon realize that there is no God and there is no Devil, yet we as the image of the Adversary, are both God and the Master of the Devil, the gifts of the fallen angels themselves. Ford

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