Ritual Magick


The purpose of this ritual is to charge a ritual blade with the elemental forces of nature via the assistance of draconic elemental mages.
As with human magic workers, different dragons can have an affinity with different elemental energies. Just as you don’t have ‘elemental humans’, you don’t have ‘elemental dragons’:You simply have those who prefer to work with the energies of one element in particular over another. Sometimes, you will find a dragon who works equally well with all elemental energies and other times those who couldn’t tell a salamander from an undine.

The common metaphysical representations of each element are:

Fire – the Salamander

Water – the Undine

Air – the Zephyer

Earth – the Gnome

Also while this ritual should be performed during a thunderstorm, and for best results, as close to the full moon as possible, it is not necessary (nor especially advisable) to place the blade you are charging directly out in the storm as this can ruin it. Placing the blade out on a sheltered, open aired porch, garage, gazebo, etc is sufficient. I also strongly recommend that the blade be coated with a good quality metal oil or silicon (spray or cloth such as can be found in the gun section of a sporting goods store), or coat it with a substance called “Renaissance Wax” which can be purchased on line at ‘Museum Replicas’. Just do a site search of “Renaissance Wax” and you’ll find it.

Needed items:

Normal altar equipment

Blade to be charged

Step 1: take the blade to be charged to a location where it will not be disturbed. If you trust the blade will come to no harm, sink it 3-6 inches into the ground (if you don’t have an area of ground you can safely use, the blade can be placed in a large pot of soil) and pour a circle of salt around it approximately 12 inches in diameter and say: In the name(s) of (personal deity), I ask the dragons of the elements to touch this blade and infuse it with elemental power! May all the forces of power and justice, as unstoppable as this storm, be drawn into this blade.

Step 2 : Call upon the guardian dragons of each gate to individually touch the blade with elemental force. If you have regular gate guardians and you know their names (or the names they use when working with you) then call their names at the beginning of each invocation.

“Great Dragon of the East, and all the Dragons of Air, riders of the storm winds, weavers of Wisdom, make this blade straight and true for the honor and glory of my Gods, my Dragon friends and my Clan! Great Dragon of the South, and all the Dragons of Fire, whose power is manifested by the lightening bolt, hold fast the power of transformation within this blade that it may better aid me in my service to my Gods, my Dragon friends, and my Clan!”

“Great Dragon of the West, and all the Dragons of Water, you who swim the ocean currents and bring the cleansing rains, rinse away all doubt and uncertainty of purpose from this steel and s/he who wields it that both may be as unstoppable as the raging flood in defense of justice and the innocent, for my Gods, my dragon friends, and my Clan!”

“Great Dragon of the North, and all the Dragons of Earth, shakers and shapers of the World, keepers of mystery and secrets, keep strong this blade and s/he who wields it that I may be able to see into the heart of mystery and with it’s aid discern the truth in any situation for the glory of my Gods, my Dragon friends and my Clan! “

Step 3: Ask for the blessings of the Gods by saying: (Name(s) of deity) , I ask that you pour forth your blessings upon this blade, and that you touch it with Your powers, that it may be a worthy magical weapon, aiding me as I work in your service.

Step 4: Go back indoors if you wish, or remain outside, until the storm has passed. Meditate on the desired effects of the ritual for at least 10-15 minutes. When the storm is over give thanks to the Gods and the Dragons for their assistance. Take up the Blade and immediately give it a thorough cleaning and oiling.

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