Altar Magick

Tips for buying products for your Altar

You can often buy tools and supplies for your altar inexpensively at witchy conventions or on the internet.

However, ordinary, non-witchy shops can also be good places to look.

For example, for an athame, check the dollar or pound stores for a nice letter opener.

For pentagrams, check the clearance aisle of your local supermarket, after Christmas for “Star of Bethlehem” items.

Cloth gift bags make great charm bags or receptacles for your tarot cards.

Dried herbs are not ideal, but maybe easier to find and use than fresh, This may be especially true if you don’t do a lot of herbal magic.

Having said that, it is very easy to grow herbs in a small pot on your windowsill.

For cauldrons, look in garden centers for pots, or kitchenware stores for soup terrines.

Besom or Brooms can be found in hardware stores.

For robes, you could use old-fashioned nightgowns in plain white, or purple (the color of occult knowledge), or your favorite color.

Ideally, they should be made from natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool.

You could also if you wish to, embroider them with sigils, your magical name, the names of deities, or other symbols.

When you absolutely cannot find the right colored candle, or make the right smelling oil, or are simply unclear about what is needed, use something plain.

Plain is pure energy, thus you can never go wrong with that.

White as a color is always good. Use white candles when in doubt.

You can use, non-perfumed massage oil for anointing yourself, your wand or other equipment.

This will always work, although it may not be as potent as the specified item. Above all, just be creative.

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