Tome of Imriel, Wisdom : the Stillness

1. In the days of old, a curious blue imp named Imriel roamed the land, easily swayed by the winds of emotion and ever-reactive to the world’s changing currents.

2. He would dance in joy when the sun shone and wail in despair when the rain fell, embodying every fleeting moment’s emotion.

3. One day, Imriel encountered a wise elder named Seraphan by a serene brook. The elder noticed the imp’s whimsical nature and shared, “Imriel, why dost thou let the world toss thee about like a leaf in the wind?”

4. Imriel responded, “I am but a reflection of the world, and thus, I feel its every whim.”

5. Seraphan nodded, then dropped a stone into the brook, watching the ripples expand and then still. “Look,” he said, “The water does not cease to be, nor does it protest when the stone disturbs its peace. It simply returns to its state of calm.”

6. Imriel watched intently, his azure hue deepening in thought. “But how can I, with a heart that feels so deeply, remain unaffected by the world?”

7. “By realizing,” Seraphan began, “that just as the sky remains unaltered by the clouds that pass through it, thy core self remains unchanged by fleeting emotions. You can observe without becoming.”

8. Days turned to years, and the blue imp practiced the elder’s wisdom. While he still felt the world’s joys and sorrows, he learned not to be swept away by them.

9. And so, Imriel became a beacon of stillness amidst chaos, embodying the stoic essence, teaching others that emotions are but ripples on the surface of deep and tranquil waters.

10. The land remembered, and whispered to the winds, the tale of the blue imp who found strength in stillness, reminding all that amidst life’s storms, one can remain unshaken, rooted in inner peace.

As it is so.

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