Water Element

Water’s nature is to be still, but its energy can be tremendous when acted upon by an outside force.

Reflecting upon Water’s cleansing, blessing, and nourishing properties we understand how intimately the energy and physical substance of Water is involved in our lives.

Water has a mirror-like reflective quality.

It has receptivity, sharing its ability to move and bring us deeply, to open and accept things into itself, to ripple, to calm…in relationship with emotions.

Our own bodies are made up of 80-90 percent Water, so it is no wonder many of us are drawn to its energies in some way.

West is the direction for Water.

West is the direction of emotions, introspection, the dream world, feelings, and receptivity.

It is also known for its daring and risk taking abilities.

West is also the place of harvest; of fulfillment and decay.

There is a mystery in our beginnings and our endings.

There is daring necessary for us to go to the realms of the unknown.

West is the location of the setting sun; twilight. Twilight literally means two lights.

Neither dark or day. This is a magical time of the day, a time between the worlds.

The Season of Water is Autumn; a time of turning inward after having been focused on our outward world and actions.

As we harvest we prepare to turn inward and spend the time during our upcoming winter to focus on what was and what will be.

The fluidity of Water keeps our thoughts moving, brings clarity as we dig deep and discover what has worked and what no longer serves us.

West and Water bring energies to our emotions.

Emotions have been described as energies in motions.

Utilizing the powers of Water can aid us as we work with our emotions and seek balance.

If emotions do not flow smoothly, like Water, they back up and the result is rarely good, as it often leads to stress and illness.

If our emotions are stagnant, just like stagnant Water, life ceases to flourish.

For today, look at your life.

Where can the energies of Water serve you?

What is stuck?

What is stagnant?

Where do you need more daring, more refection?

What needs cleansing?

Are we ready to bless and nourish something?

The tool for water is the cup, the chalice or the cauldron.

All of which contain.

They can hold for us nourishment, sustenance, fulfillment, all keywords also associated with the Direction of West.

From the time of our conception, we are held and contained within the sacred vessel of our mother’s womb, surrounded by her oceanic saline fluid.

We float, swim and dream in these sacred maternal waters for about 10 Moons.

This water protects us and cushion us as our bodies form and grow.

The relationship between Water and the Moon is a powerful one.

Both holding for us reflective energies, receptivity, emotional sensitivity, dreamworlds, intuition, and the power to ebb and flow.

The West is also known as the place of the Mystery of the Tides, the ever-changing, rhythmic flow of the universal power of the tides.

They serve as a reminder that just as the tides flow in and out, bringing change, so do the tides of cosmic power and energy.

They too, flow in and out, bringing change, active becoming passive…passive becoming active.

The Elemental Spirits of Water are Undines or sometimes referred to as the Nereids.

They are creatures of the waves and are sometimes seen in human form.

They are sometimes seen in the waves curling up to crash on the shore, or as faces in the waves.

These beings, as with all Spirit Guides, are energy, so they can take on whatever form you wish.

Some see magical fishes, some see mermaids and mermen.

Regardless, Undines live in the Water.

Their work is about maintaining the purity and integrity of the Waters.

The rhythms of life, emotions, ideas, dreams, receptivity…these are all areas where they are at work in our life.

They help us develop and maintain healthy emotional energies, help things flow smoothly and help us stay connected to our natural rhythms.

The energetic colors of Water that are also associated with West are what one would expect; the watery colors of blues, greens, and silvery grays of the Oceans, the special greens of the rivers, the indigo-blue of the sky just after sunset and the silver of our precious Moon.

Stones that are energetically aligned with Water are sandstone from its beaches, moonstone, pearls and most stones that are the color blue such as aquamarine. The metal that aligns is silver, which is long associated with the Moon.

When creating altars with Water energies I love to consider the different moods of Water.

If I want something to represent Ocean’s energies I use lots of blues and silvers.

I pull out my seashells and mermaid figurines. I try to capture the essence of ebb and flow.

To bring in more layers of symbolism I will add some kind of a chalice or vessel, filling it with water.

I may add the Queen of Cups from my Tarot deck to bring her feminine power to the altar.

Water’s season is Autumn. Another altar option then would be to create a seasonal altar in Autumn and choose the colors of the Autumn leaves highlighted with a bright blue of the Autumn sky.

I will add a vessel and fill it with water and add stones that invoke Water’s energies. To this, I would add symbols of nourishment and sustenance, gourds, pumpkins, dried corns, and apples.

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