What is Natural Magick

Magick is a constantly flowing stream of energy.

It is a  concentrated and channeled form of the life force that flows through all animate life forms, people , animals, birds, insects, and plants of all kinds.

The life force is also present in rocks and crystals, in some cultures regarded as living energies, in rain sunshine, the moon, winds, storms, the rainfall, and rivers to the sea.

We receive and give out the life force of Natural Magick in its spontaneous form through our auras, our physic energy field that extends from possibly an outstretched arms span around us.

It also passes to and from our bodies through our chakras or psychic energy centers.

These energy centers filter the aura energy and receive power from the earth beneath and the sky above us, from what we eat, drink and breathe and form those with whom we interact.

When you stand in the shallows of the sea and fell the waves pushing at your toes, that sensation may be the life force and the force behind magick.

If you stand on a windy hillside and are tugged by the wind, this is also life energy and the power behind Magick.

When you bury your feet in earth or press your soles against grass barefoot you are taking pure power.

Magick involves channeling and directing the life force by tapping into those energies in ritual and in spells as well as using the directed and concentrated flow to transfer thoughts and wishes into actuality.

This occurs in the same way that the strong wind can buffet you off course or the tide can unexpectedly lift you off your feet.

In Spells and rituals, however, you structure words, images, and actions to collect the power and channel it into a named purpose.

You can then amplify and release the concentrated strength into specific purposes or areas of the spells ritual.

In the release, your wishes and focused thoughts make a transition through the psychic sounds or light barrier so you have the impetus to make these desired possibilities come true.

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