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A Spell to Aliviate Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes we get involved in situations that are so wildly out of our control that we’re holding on with the skin of our teeth. Stress and anxiety are constant companions and you just want t be safe and at peace.

This spell is for those times.

You’ll need:

A body of water hosting a spirit (see notes)
A clipping of hair
A small handful of elderberries
A shiny coin
Once you’ve located the water in question, go to it under the light of a full moon. Look out onto the water’s stillness and wait until you feel the spirit’s presence.

Place your hair in front of you and ask the spirit for protection, serenity, and strength in the coming days. You’ll have to be sincere and heartfelt. Don’t offer reasons or explanations. Say as much or as little as you want.

If the spirit doesn’t attack or seem aggressive, throw the elderberries into the water. Wash your hands, face, and hair in the water. Bury the coin on the shore or beside the water.

You can leave right away or stay and look out at the stillness of the water until you’re ready to go

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