Shadow Creatures

There is a silent darkness that is attached to witchcraft and a subject that is very seldom talked about within the witchcraft community, seen by few and dismissed my many, known commonly as shadow creatures.

These dark lifeless figures are often seen within the shadows, usually in an open door way or corridor just watching you while you sleep. You may also know them as either watchers or guardians.

It has been said that within the pages of the Opera Omnia written in 1599-1668 is a text that talks about these shadows creatures in one of its eight volumes and that these shadows creatures protect certain witches and that all demons fear these shadows creatures and their power. When a witch is protected by a shadow creature that witch cannot be attacked by demons or other evil supernatural entities. This is said to be true for the living world as well as for the afterlife. As a result, shadows creatures exist in the area between light and darkness – between good and evil just like a True witch.

Medieval texts speak of another entity of neutrality which is neither good nor evil, known by the name of Il Separatio it is not a classed as a shadow creature and this entity actually has no direct connection to the shadows they are however normally seen at the corner of the eye, pass by quickly, and then disappear.

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