Astral Magick

Astral Projection

Make a conscious effort to go completely limp.

Begin with your feet and, working upwards, relax all of the muscles in your body.

This should take about four or five minutes.

While in this relaxed state, visualize your inner self becoming light and lifting free of the physical body.

Imagine yourself floating directly above the body as though you were on a cloud of air.

Allow yourself to experience this feeling for about five minutes and then slowly lower yourself (your astral self) back into your body.

Do this exercise several times until you feel comfortable floating and then continue with the next step.

Once you are free of the body, walk into another room. Go slowly and take the time to examine everything in the room.

Take note of pictures, how furniture is arranged, and where objects of interest are.

Do this exercise several times, and then have someone rearrange the room just prior to your journey.

After you have returned to your body, write down exactly what you saw and where everything was positioned.

Return to the room and check on your accuracy.

The results will then indicate if you actually did the astral project.

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