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I personally do not believe in a 3 or a 10 fold law. But I feel it necessary to make this statement for those who do. What I believe is, we have a responsibility to be the best we can be. Help where you can, love when you can and live within your means so you don’t have to rely on anyone else. I also believe that what you put out, you deserve to get back. It doesn’t always work out that way, especially for the nice guys. However, if someone hurts you or yours, paying them back does not come with backlash. (That is my belief) With that: it’s still a good idea to make sure that they deserve a curse work, especially if you are inclined to feel guilty for things you do, later on. That said let’s get down to business.
A poppet, as you already know is an effigy (doll) crafted with intent to resemble a specific target. What and how you construct your dollie is up to you. Some mediums include, but are not limited to, wax, cloth, sticks, clay, mud, yarn etc… once you choose this you can figure out what to stuff it with. If you can get a belonging from the target, hair, nail clippings, even a picture, that makes it especially easy. However it’s not mandatory. If you don’t have anything of theirs, simply write their full name and date of birth on paper and add to the stuffings. The crafting of the effigy is the easy part, you can figure that out, make it in the best likeness of the person you can, and don’t forget to “baptize” (name) the doll. It is as simple as saying “As I have made you I name you _______.
Let’s talk instead about the guts, and other good stuff instead.
Do some research on herbs and choose the ones that suit your desires the best.
Some good hex herbs are: (this is in no way a complete list, so dig around.)

—citation for herbal list: provided by the famed Lady Elaine, Kitchen Witch & Witchcraft Practitioner Extraordinaire;

Ague weed: Causes ones enemies to become extremely confused.

Aloes: Traditionally used to invoke demons. It is said to Soak aloes in a bottle of black cat oil for 9 days, on the 10th night anoint the forehead with the oils and the altar. The demon should appear to do ones bidding.

Asafoetida: Used in black magick for casting hexes on a person. Sometimes referred to as the devil’s incense asafoetida is burned to force someone to leave you alone. (Also called devil dung, it is foul smelling, be warned😂)

Balmony: A plant in the figwort family that is ground and used for hexing.

Bladderwrack: When placed near an enemies bathroom it is said to cause that enemy to be stricken with irritation of the urinary tract. ( an be used in a poppet)

Blood Root: If you are looking for a substitute for human blood use this blood root in your dollie. It can also be thrown on a witches doorstep to return a spell back onto them.

Blueberry: Causes an enemy strife when thrown on his doorstep, or used in a poppet.

Boneset: To burn as an incense and chant to use during curses.

Cinquefoil: Burn over a candle wax image of an enemy to cause him discomfort.

Coconuts: hollow out the coconut and fill with snakeroot. It can be used as the doll’s head or even
It’s torso. Place it in a flaming pit and as it roasts your enemies health will decline.

Cruel Man of the Woods: If a piece of this is hidden on your enemies self, or added to an effigy, it will cause them great pain IF they have previously harmed you.

Henbane: In Greek mythology the dead of Hell were known to be crowned with henbane as they walked helplessly beside the river Styx. All parts of this root is poisonous and boiling or drying does not rid it of its toxicity, so it should never be used by the amateur magician.

Knot Weed: To get rid of ones enemy, stuffed into a black cloth or voodoo doll and sew up, then bury the doll. It is also used with balmony herb in curses.

Lemon Verbena: Causes great trouble between lovers. When scattered at the doorway or sewn into a pair of dolls of the couple, great discord will ensue and the two will become bitter enemies

Mustard Seed: the seed of strife and discord. Leave it at ones doorstep, or in a dollie. particularly black mustard seed.

Patchouli: sickens enemies when used in chants and spells.

Poke Root: A conjure ball or poppet can be made in the name of Satan from the leaves and root, it is then placed into a bag, glass jar or container and then left where the enemy will find it. This is done so that he will panic and be caused anxiety making him more prone to accident and injury befalling him.

Poppy Seed: Causes couples to argue.

Rue: Although it is great protection for the owner in turn rue placed near another person or in a voodoo baby, puts a great hex on them. Since it is not a powerful black magic herb it is used to simply frustrate or agitate the person rather than causing serious harm or injury.

Slippery Elm: Used to separate a married couple when doll is buried near their home.

Tormentilla: To cause distress, harm and discord to a foe, use in a poppet, or sprinkle this on a picture of her or him and place in a box.

Twitch’s Grass: Causes fighting between a group
Of friends.

Vetivert: Silences ones who will speak ill of you.

Vervain: Spells used to contact and speak with Lucifer are the most effective when using this herb. Also used for conjuring evil spirits and demons. This can be very effective if you are someone who works with darker being to help you carry out the hex/curse.

Willow: willow is under the devils protection and when held in ones left hand may be used in pacts, or rites requiring supernatural powers. Good aid in curse work.
—end of cited material.

Another good working is to add to your doll the liver of a chicken. As it turns rancid so will the targets health.

Now, the really fun part: things you can do with your poppet after it is constructed.

Depending on the outcome you are looking for, you can abuse and torture your dollie in any fashion you can think of. Some good examples are as follows:

War water is a strong addition to any curse work. You can use the spanish moss from it for stuffing. Or drown the poppet in a jar of it.

You can sew it’s mouth, eyes, vagina, or any bodily opening shut.

Bind it’s hands, feet, neck or even its penis.

Hang it from a noose.

Burn it, slowly over time, or just toss in the fire.

Punch it, kick it. Any torture you can think of😉

Piss on it, or drown in a jar of urine.

You can also bury it in a graveyard.
Dump it in a swamp.

Use your most sadistic imagination.

Some things to consider are the length of time; will you leave it forever? Or rescue it once you feel the target has paid their debt?
Also the level of the curse; do you want them to be frustrated, or do you want them to forever live in torment? Physical or mental torment. Be choosy. If you have a cheating husband you may not want to completely cut off it’s penis?? Or maybe you do??

Also consider the other variables. If it is the other parent and you’re pissed that they have sole custody…. what you do to them will likely effect the child’s life as well? You should give much considerations to your curse work. If you don’t you may suffer back lash. Especially if you are a believer in the Karmic laws.

Another VERY important thing to consider is a good cleansing afterwards. To get rid of any residual dark energies.

If you are not a somewhat established practitioner, you should carefully consider that, before doing maledictive workings of any kind. Here is one of my favorite dollie curses.

From Denise Alvarado’s book “The Voodoo Doll Spellbook”

(This is for times of extreme anger and hatred)

With clay, (and all the intention, hatred, anger and focus you can muster) make an effigy of your enemy. You can still use hex herbs etc.. take the doll out to a running body of water, where no one will find it. Weigh it down with a rock, or wedge between rocks. Speak your hatred out loud, call spirit if you wish. When you’re done, stand up and walk away, do not look back. The idea of this curse is that, as the water corrodes the poppet, the target will fall ill and their health will decline the more the water disfigures the doll.

—- curses should not be taken lightly, even if you don’t follow karmic law. If the person does not deserve to be cursed, it will likely fizzle out before it starts. However, it can also cause you to have magickal backlash. If after reading this you still feel inclined to do curse work, then I bid you, happy hexing.

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