Litha/ Summer Solstice

Thoughts on the Summer Solstice Well Dressing

A dressing created on Solstice Eve, in the softening light of the summer sun, reflected in our Well lantern(s) and candles. Healing herbs and flowers ~ calendula, jasmine, hypericum, lemon balm, yarrow; and golden roses to offer comfort in times of grief and loss. All small beacons honouring the sun’s light, warmth and power.
The sun, at its strongest on this side of the world now, provides the warmth for maturing growth and ripening in preparation for harvest. This season belongs to the oak, a tree synonymous with longevity, endurance and if it helps us, maturity, courage and strength of heart. Our beautiful new Well lid is made of oak wood. The base of the dressing is made of oak leaves, gathered from the tree that stands in the Cress Field. It is accompanied by rosemary; here in support of the nervous system, it helps to clear the mind, balancing and strengthening head and heart.
As we consider the sun’s power, we may also consider our own. In this time of restriction, we have had an opportunity to consider what we value, what makes us feel whole and strong, where we want to put our attention and efforts. For many of us, this has emphasised our interconnectedness, our need to care for one another and our desire to build supportive and resilient communities. It has also perhaps increased our gratitude for the everyday things that ground us and bring us a deeper sense of joy and connection. Here simply is the power we may choose to use ~ the ability or space to appreciate what we have and what we bring and to use that collectively to build a better world for all. A power that is both blessing and responsibility.
This time last year we had recently finished the Buddhist Festival as part of our Many Paths ~ One Source programme. As we prepare the Well for re-opening and a new phase, it would be lovely to hear your memories of these events and what they have meant to you.

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