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Weeping Candle Spell

Fire is associated with action, destruction, and transformation. This spell calls upon these qualities of fire to burn away sadness or anger in order to transform it.

When you are feeling extremely stressed or sad, don’t hold it in. Instead, find a quiet spot to do this exercise. This spell will help you release your emotions in a healthy way, allowing fire to transform them into new beginnings.



1 black candle

A candleholder

Make a circle of salt around the candle in the holder for protection. Light the candle. Feel the heat of the fire and notice how it transforms the wick into ash and the wax into liquid and smoke. Allow your feelings to roll through your body. Bawl your eyes out, punch a pillow, even scream (into a pillow if you have neighbors!).

When you feel like you’ve gotten your emotions out, imagine they’ve accumulated in front of you in a floating bubble. Hold this invisible bubble in your hands and slowly lower it onto the candle flame. Visualize the flame gobbling up the emotions, turning them into smoke, heat, and ash. Blow out the candle, and keep it ready for next time. Throw the salt away.

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